About Me

Scientist and software engineer. PhD in Computational Neuroscience. Based in the Vogels Lab at Oxford University. Main interests: olfactory learning, insect learning, mushroom body, dopamine modulated plasticity.


Modelling olfactory learning using SuperSpike

Recent theoretical results has shown that backpropagation does not need symmetric weights to achieve high performance for training an SNN. Zenke et al. 2016 has proposed a three-factor learning rule that can learn precise output spike trains called SuperSpike. I implemented a spiking neural network based on the olfactory circuit of the fly and I adapted the SuperSpike learning rule to the problem of olfactory reinforcement learning.

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Modelling dopamine modulated learning in the olfactory circuit of the fruit fly

We developed a spiking neural network based on the known wiring diagram of the olfactory circuit of the fruit fly. We tested a family of learning rules to find a mechanism for learning, forgetting and re-learning that is in accordance with experimental evidence.

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Kinect Marble racing

I developed a library for gesture recognition based on the Microsoft Kinect camera and tested in a game where the user had to control a ball with his body movements and a prototype.

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Machine Learning Specialist in Immunology


AI Researcher

Akrivia Health

DPhil student in computational neuroscience

Oxford University

Research Assistant

Essex University

I developed Microsoft Kinect video games based on gesture recognition control to study opportunities to use gesture recognition in physical rehabilitation.


University of Oxford

Oct 2014 - January 2019

DPhil in Computational Neuroscience

My DPhil was foncused on modelling how olfactory reinforcement learning is encoded in the fruit fly, Drosophila Melanogaster. I developed a spiking neural network and implemented a series of learning rules to test how dopamine and plasticity interact. I have also been a teaching assistant for introduction to programming, Graph Theory and Computational neuroscience modules.

University of Essex

Sept 2010- June 2013

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

  • 1st class degree ,
  • Computer Vision ,
  • C++ game programming ,
  • Neural networks